We learn to make space for everyone

The art work, cre­ated in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Indonesian wor­kers employed on the reno­va­ti­on of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, opens a dialo­gue abo­ut coexis­ten­ce and a com­mon future.

EQUALS — for the acceptance of diversity

The pro­ject was exhi­bi­ted in over ten coun­tri­es with simi­lar pro­blem of ste­re­otyping of mino­rity identities

“Forms of life in contemporary Europe” in Gallery P74 in Ljubljana

Indexing of dis­cri­mi­na­tory atti­tu­des towar­ds fore­ign wor­kers and mino­rity iden­ti­ti­es in Europe

Bosnians Out! (Workers without Frontiers)

The pro­ject war­ns abo­ut the living and wor­king con­di­ti­ons of cons­truc­ti­on wor­kers from Bosnia in Slovenia

Austrians Only

The pro­ject focu­ses on latent pre­ju­di­ces and dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on aga­inst fore­ign wor­kers in Austria


A poli­ti­cal artis­tic inter­ven­ti­on that focu­ses on the situ­ati­on of ille­ga­li­sed per­sons in Switzerland