Creative Strategies: toolkit for a joint action

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The set of publi­ca­ti­ons con­sis­ts of: Glossary, Map of Changes, pro­ject broc­hu­re and Dir-dem poster.

The publi­ca­ti­ons are an inte­gral part of the mul­ti­me­dia art-edu­ca­ti­onal ins­tal­la­ti­on (tool­kit) of col­lec­ti­ve aut­hor­ship cal­led Toolkit, which is part of the long-term pro­ject “Creative Strategies” laun­c­hed in 2010 by the visu­al artist Andreja Kulunčić.

The “Glossary” con­ta­ins expla­na­ti­ons of nume­ro­us ter­ms impor­tant for soci­al-poli­ti­cal acti­vism and cor­res­pon­ding the­ore­ti­cal con­cep­ts. “Map of Changes” shows impor­tant glo­bal exam­ples of soci­al strug­gle. The broc­hu­re is a guide thro­ugh the “Creative Strategies — ” tool­kit for a joint acti­on” pro­ject. “Dir-dem pos­ter” expla­ins the basic prin­ci­ples of direct democracy.

All mate­ri­als are in Croatian except the Map of Changes

The aut­hors of the publi­ca­ti­on are the gro­up Direct Democracy in the School, Martina Kontošić and Andreja Kulunčić, the desig­ner of the publi­ca­ti­ons is Dejan Dragosavac – Ruta. The hol­der-poc­ket for publi­ca­ti­ons was sewn by Kata Šečić, a for­mer employee of DTR, who par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the video “What has our strug­gle given to me” cre­ated as part of the pro­ject. Publisher MAPA, Zagreb, 2018.

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