Andreja Kulunčić: Art for Social Changes


The book pre­sents a selec­ti­on of fif­te­en pro­jec­ts cre­ated in the peri­od from 2000 to 2018

Second upda­ted edition

The second upda­ted edi­ti­on of the book “Andreja Kulunčić: Art for Social Changes” brin­gs a selec­ti­on of fif­te­en pro­jec­ts by visu­al artist Andreja Kulunčić, cre­ated in the peri­od from 2000 to 2018. The pro­jec­ts deal with topics of soci­al jus­ti­ce, the posi­ti­on of women in con­te­mo­rary soci­ety, the issue of ille­ga­li­sed per­sons, pri­son con­di­ti­ons, unfa­vo­ra­ble tre­at­ment of wor­kers, the degree of tole­ran­ce towar­ds others, the pro­blem of stig­ma­ti­za­ti­on of psyc­hi­atric pati­ents, the com­mer­ci­ali­za­ti­on of tourism, the atti­tu­de towar­ds reading and books, the possi­bi­li­ti­es of self-orga­ni­za­ti­on of com­mu­ni­ti­es, etc. The texts were writ­ten by Irena Bekić, the design of the book was by Dejan Dragosavac – Ruta. The publi­sher is MAPA.