Participative pro­ject, a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with women, focu­sed pri­ma­rily on ran­dom wal­kers on the stre­ets of the citi­es invol­ved — Split, Naples, Belgrade, Ljubljana

inte­rac­ti­ve project


In her inte­rac­ti­ve pro­ject  women.index  Andreja Kulunčić laun­c­hes a pro­cess for making women awa­re of the­ir own posi­ti­on in the­ir pri­va­te and work envi­ron­ments.  Posters pla­ced at more frequ­en­ted public pla­ces in the city, invi­te women during the time the exhi­bi­ti­on is on to leave a messa­ge on a toll-free pho­ne saying whet­her they feel sati­sfi­ed, dis­cri­mi­na­ted or abu­sed. Audio pos­ter, radio B92 (Serbian only)>


The resul­ts of the telep­ho­ne cal­ls are shown on a dis­play pla­ced in some con­s­pi­cu­ous point.  While the acti­on is going on, dis­cu­ssi­ons looking at the the­me from a the­ore­ti­cal aspect are orga­ni­sed in the gallery.

Making use of the form of the bil­l­bo­ard with the invi­ta­ti­on to take part, Andreja Kulunčić employs the pic­to­ri­al rhe­to­ric of media cam­pa­ig­ns and fashi­on adverts. However, the cle­ar and widely recog­ni­sed dis­co­ur­se of per­su­asi­on is fil­led with new con­tents with an oppo­si­te ethi­cal prin­ci­ple: the fema­le addre­ssee is not tre­ated as object that has to com­ply with a given pro­duct; rat­her, she is offe­red the chan­ce of get­ting acti­ve in the sen­se of beco­ming awa­re of an indi­vi­du­al posi­ti­on recog­ni­sed thro­ugh cer­ta­in models of beha­vi­our to which she is exposed.



The pro­ject has so far been suc­ce­s­sful­ly imple­men­ted in SPLIT (2007.) //  NAPLES (2012.) // BELGRADE (2013.) //  LJUBLJANI (2014.)


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