Austrians Only

The pro­ject focu­ses on latent pre­ju­di­ces and dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on aga­inst fore­ign wor­kers in Austria

Newspaper adver­ti­se­ments, pos­ters, direct-mail items
Festival of Regions 2005, Upper-Austria


With top-quality, well-desig­ned job adver­ti­se­ments, ‘infe­ri­or’ jobs for Austrians only are offe­red, inclu­ding all the res­tric­ti­ons and disa­dvan­ta­ges with which otherwi­se mos­tly migrants see them­sel­ves confronted.


“With this pro­ject I would like to raise awa­re­ness abo­ut the silen­ce accep­tan­ce of dis­cri­mi­na­ting view on fore­ign wor­kers by the people who maybe would thing dif­fe­ren­tly if they would be in any way put in a situ­ati­on to re-think the com­mo­nly accep­ted view.


The migrants are usu­al­ly seen as second class people. The jobs offe­red to them as well as the labor con­di­ti­ons are unfor­tu­na­tely adequ­ate to the per­cep­ti­on the people have abo­ut the migrants. 


The idea of the pro­ject is to make job adver­ti­se­ment for only Austrian citi­zens, with jobs and labor con­di­ti­ons they would never accept for them­sel­ves but see as per­fect for the others (non Austrian).” A. Kulunčić (sta­te­ment bout the work for the exhi­bi­ti­on catalogue)


For the dura­ti­on of the pro­ject, the telep­ho­ne line publi­shed in the ads was acti­ve. The soci­al wor­ker rece­ived the cal­ls and asked the inte­res­ted par­ti­es pre­ar­ran­ged ques­ti­ons. The cal­ls were dif­fe­rent, from posi­ti­ve  — people who assu­med that it was a cam­pa­ign for the rig­h­ts of fore­ign wor­kers, to nega­ti­ve — people who tho­ug­ht that such jobs sho­uld not be offe­red to Austrians.


Project reali­za­ti­on:
Author: Andreja Kulunčić / Design: Ruta / Organizer: Festival of Regions & Martin Fritz (direc­tor) / Assistance: Wolfgang Schmutz and Ivo Martinović

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