Performing the Exhibition: ART-ACT-BOX

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Interactive con­tem­po­rary dan­ce per­for­man­ces and exhibitions

Partners in the pro­ject: Museum of Contemporary Art, (Zagreb), Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad), Koroška Fine Arts Gallery (Slovenj Gradec), Antoni Tàpies Foundaiton (Barcelona), 2016 — 2018.


Choreography: Zrinka Užbinec / Performers: Zrinka Užbinec, Ana Kreitmeyer, Maja Kalafatić and Mar Medina / Project cura­tor and coor­di­na­tor in 2016: Jasna Jakšić / Coordinator in 2017 and 2018: Martina Kontošić / Research: Tihana Puc and Bella Rupena / Design Ruta / Production: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and NGO MAPA.


Having been invi­ted to take part in the coope­ra­ti­ve pro­ject Performing the Museum put on by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad, the Fine Arts Gallery in Slovenj Gradec and the Antoni Tàpies Foundation in Barcelona, making use of wor­ks from the­ir hol­din­gs as mate­ri­al, Andreja Kulunčić direc­tly refers to the title the­me, pro­ble­ma­ti­sing artis­tic met­hods of com­mu­ni­ca­ting with the audi­en­ce and, indi­rec­tly, ins­ti­tu­ti­onal and non- ins­ti­tu­ti­onal pre­sen­ta­ti­on prac­ti­ces as stra­te­gic deci­si­ons in the tran­sfer of knowled­ge and the eman­ci­pa­tory poten­ti­als of art.


Collaborating with the con­tem­po­rary dan­ce per­for­mer Zrinka Užbinec, she devi­sed a dis­cur­si­ve dan­ce per­for­man­ce in which, with the help of objec­ts from the ART-ACT-BOX; a box which she cre­ated for this pro­ject, rep­hra­sing wor­ks of the artis­tic gro­ups TOK, the Group of Six Authors, KOD, Bosch + Bosch, Art&Language and the artis­ts Pino Poggio, Bogdanka Poznanović and Lygia Clark. These are artis­ts who in the 1960s and 1970s, giving up on the idea of the object, making use of che­ap and non-artis­tic mate­ri­als, addre­ssing an acci­den­tal audi­en­ce and wor­king in extra-artis­tic con­texts, imple­men­ted a con­cep­tu­al turn in art, cri­ti­cal­ly refer­ring to art and soci­al systems.


In Performing the Exhibition: ART-ACT-BOX, the dan­ce, in a cho­re­ograp­hy based on the rese­ar­ch of the con­cep­tu­al prac­ti­ces of the 60s and 70s, and par­ti­cu­lar­ly of the selec­ted artis­ts, with body, move­ment and text acqu­ain­ted the audi­en­ce with the artis­tic inten­ti­ons, prin­ci­ples and stra­te­gi­es, drawing it into the per­for­man­ce. Reconstructing one stra­tegy after anot­her, one work after anot­her, the dan­cer and audi­en­ce toget­her “set up the exhi­bi­ti­on”. The set­tled roles are rever­sed; the per­for­man­ce ends at the moment when the “exhi­bi­ti­on has been set up”; the pro­cess of the per­for­man­ce is also, at the same time, its pro­duct; the audi­en­ce that takes part in the cre­ati­ve pro­cess of the ori­gin of the exhi­bi­ti­on, does away with itself, sin­ce after the set-up of the exhi­bi­ti­on, its role is over. The per­for­man­ces take pla­ce in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with a bro­ad­ly defi­ned audi­en­ce and in and in pla­ces not usu­al­ly tho­ug­ht of as artis­tic: in libra­ri­es, scho­ols, local com­mu­ni­ti­es, cul­tu­re cen­tres, reti­re­ment homes and a psyc­hi­atric hos­pi­tal. Key aspec­ts of the artis­tic prac­ti­ces of the 1960s and 1970s, now his­to­ri­cal and ens­hri­ned in muse­ums, body, text, move­ment, spa­ce, public spa­ce, are tran­s­po­sed into and acti­va­ted in con­tem­po­ra­ne­ity thro­ugh an enti­rely dif­fe­rent medi­um, the art of the dan­ce, and the artis­tic met­hods cited are offe­red to the audi­en­ce as cre­ati­ve tools for the acti­va­ti­on of the­ir own everyday lives and soci­al engagements.


In the 3 years of the pro­ject, almost 30 per­for­man­ces were car­ri­ed out: Zagreb, Barcelona, Novi Sad, Slovenj Gradec in 2016 // Čakovec, Šibenk, Pazin, Zagreb (Jelkovec, Susedgrad), Vukovar, Bedekovčina in 2017 // Split, Rijeka, Poreč, Zagreb, Sisak in 2018.  Video docu­men­ta­ti­on of three per­for­man­ces->


The con­cept, howe­ver, beco­mes more com­plex upon retur­ning to the gal­lery situ­ati­on. This time, Andreja Kulunčić and Zrinka Užbinec join­tly dissect the­ir own work by using it as artis­tic mate­ri­al in the new per­for­man­ce, whe­reby they do not use the wor­ks from the muse­um anymo­re, but rat­her the dan­ce cho­re­ograp­hy they pre­vi­ous­ly used to convey them. The new work, Analysis of the Dance Material of the ART-ACT-BOX Project: Žitnjak Ateliers, ser­ves both aut­hors as an entran­ce into the zone of expe­ri­ment. From the per­s­pec­ti­ve of own fiel­ds of exper­ti­se, they ques­ti­on the possi­bi­li­ti­es of dan­ce in muse­ums and gal­le­ri­es and the points of the­ir conver­gen­ces, by gras­ping – now from anot­her angle – the subject of “per­for­ming the muse­um”, as well as the expe­ri­men­tal tho­ug­ht of the aut­hors cited ear­li­er. Neither of them, howe­ver, is in a safe zone anymo­re. The new col­la­bo­ra­ti­on simul­ta­ne­ous­ly buil­ds, demo­li­shes, and chan­ges the fra­mework of the unk­nown. Both aut­hors put the­ir codes to the test, they ques­ti­on and seek to bre­ach own prac­ti­ces wit­hin the newly-cre­ated field.