Vrapče Pillows

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The exhi­bi­ti­on in the Forum gal­lery in Zagreb in 2015 pro­ble­ma­ti­zed the stig­ma­ti­za­ti­on of people suf­fe­ring from men­tal ill­ne­sses and disorders

Artistic acti­ons and inter­ven­ti­ons in public spa­ce Vrapče Pillows are the third seg­ment of the Destigmatization pro­ject. The enti­re pro­ject, deve­lo­ped in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with pati­ents of the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital and a col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve team star­ted in 2010 by artist Andreja Kulunčić and psyc­hot­he­ra­pist Dubravka Stijačić, deals with the pro­blem of dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on and pre­ju­di­ce aga­inst people suf­fe­ring from men­tal ill­ne­sses and disorders.

The first and second seg­ments of the pro­ject were video ins­tal­la­ti­ons inten­ded for the gal­lery spa­ce. The video ins­tal­la­ti­on De-stig­ma abo­ut people suf­fe­ring from schi­zop­hre­nia was cre­ated in 2010 on the basis of the artis­t’s six-mon­th par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the the­rapy gro­ups of Professor Stijačić at the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital. The video ins­tal­la­ti­on Within was cre­ated in 2012 in coope­ra­ti­on with women who suf­fer from seve­re for­ms of depre­ssi­ve disorders.


The pil­lows were desig­ned and made in the wor­k­shops at the Vrapče Hospital, in coope­ra­ti­on with the design team of Kuna Zlatica and the head of the cre­ati­ve wor­k­shops Vlatka Prstačić. Promoting the pil­low thro­ugh a media cam­pa­ign as part of the pro­ject is a public spe­ech on the taboo topic of psyc­hi­atric hos­pi­tals and psyc­hi­atric patients.


Vrapče Pillows, the third seg­ment of the pro­ject, is aimed at empowe­ring people with men­tal ill­ne­sses and disor­ders in such a way that the pati­ents of the hos­pi­tal them­sel­ves are actors in the des­tig­ma­ti­za­ti­on pro­cess in the public.


You could par­ti­ci­pa­te in the acti­on by “invi­ting” a pil­low and uplo­ading your pho­tos with a pil­low in dif­fe­rent situ­ati­ons and in vari­ous loca­ti­ons on the pro­jec­t’s Facebook page or by buying a pil­low from the Association for Psychosocial Assistance and Rehabilitation based in the Vrapče Hospital thro­ugh a Facebook auction.

Events at the Forum Gallery inclu­de a recons­truc­ti­on of the pro­cess of making pil­lows that are still sewn as part of the­ra­pe­utic wor­k­shops at the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital, as well as a seri­es of tal­ks that pro­ble­ma­ti­ze the fra­gi­le divi­ding line betwe­en men­tal heal­th and men­tal illness.

Visitors to the exhi­bi­ti­on were invi­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te in making and buying pil­lows. The pro­ce­eds from the sale are direc­ted to the Association for Psychosocial Assistance and Rehabilitation, which hel­ps pati­ents in the Vrapče Hospital.

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