Improvised Events


Collective art prac­ti­ce cre­ated at the inter­sec­ti­on of spa­ce, move­ment and sound arti­cu­la­ti­on, MSU Zagreb

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2019.


The per­for­man­ce exhi­bi­ti­on was cre­ated in the visu­al, dan­ce, ins­tru­men­tal and vocal inte­rac­ti­on of four aut­hors, Andreja Kulunčić (visu­al artist, Zagreb), Zrinka Užbinec (dan­ce artist and cho­re­ograp­her, Zagreb), Jasna Jovićević (saxop­ho­nist and com­po­ser, Subotica), Annette Giesriegl (voca­list , Graz). Curator Jasna Jakšić, MSU.



The artis­ts explo­re the possi­bi­lity of dialo­gue and exc­han­ge of ide­as thro­ugh impro­vi­sa­ti­on in order to achi­eve inte­rac­ti­on in a wide ran­ge of the­ir fiel­ds. The goal is to reali­ze a col­lec­ti­ve artis­tic prac­ti­ce cre­ated at the inter­sec­ti­on of spa­ce, move­ment and sound arti­cu­la­ti­on wit­hin the spa­ti­al, seman­tic and poli­ti­cal poten­ti­als of the given spa­ce. The ele­ments of indi­vi­du­al expre­ssi­on are no lon­ger limi­ted to the affec­ti­ve reac­ti­ons of a given and uni­form artis­tic field. During this cre­ati­ve event, cons­tan­tly renewing unk­nowns are recog­ni­zed. The prin­ci­ple of equ­ality of dif­fe­rent artis­tic tec­h­niqu­es wit­hin the pro­cess can form a new prac­ti­ce, the out­co­me of which is a poten­ti­al ori­gi­nal voca­bu­lary of new expressions.



During 2019, the­re were rese­ar­ch meetin­gs and rehe­ar­sals, wor­k­shops in dif­fe­rent citi­es, an open rehe­ar­sal for public and two per­for­man­ces at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.