Andreja Kulunčić

WE: VOICES ... the society we build together

“WE: VOICES” solo exhibition in the Modern Gallery in Podgorica

The exhi­bi­ti­on cre­ates a unique ambi­en­ce from parts of the artis­t’s pre­vi­ous wor­ks with a focus on the impor­tan­ce of taking soci­al responsibility


The exhi­bi­ti­on, using parts of the artis­t’s exis­ting wor­ks, cre­ates a unique envi­ron­ment with a focus on the impor­tan­ce of taking per­so­nal res­pon­si­bi­lity towar­ds the people aro­und us and the soci­ety in which we live 

Contemplating renewing

A conver­sa­ti­on betwe­en Anca Mihuleț and Andreja Kulunčić on the occa­si­on of a solo exhi­bi­ti­on at the Modern Gallery in Podgorica

We learn to make space for everyone

The art work, cre­ated in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Indonesian wor­kers employed on the reno­va­ti­on of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, opens a dialo­gue abo­ut coexis­ten­ce and a com­mon future.

You Betrayed the Party Just When You Should Have Helped It

The exhi­bi­ti­on of the pro­ject, which has been ins­tal­led so far in the Historical Museum in Pula, in the MMSU in Rijeka and the Vargas Museum in Manila, focu­ses on women’s suf­fe­ring in the poli­ti­cal camp on Goli otok and Sv, Grgur.

Photography of the information board of the women’s political camp in the Ethnographic Museum

After the guer­ril­la acti­on of ins­tal­ling an infor­ma­ti­on board on Goli otok, the artist exhi­bits pho­to­grap­hy with the aim of intro­du­cing the mar­gi­na­li­zed topic of women’s his­to­ri­cal suf­fe­ring into institutions

“Destigmatization” in the Center for Contemporary Arts in Celje

Two parts of the pro­ject that were cre­ated in the Vrapče psyc­hi­atric hos­pi­tal with a focus on soci­al dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on of people suf­fe­ring from men­tal ill­ne­sses and disor­ders are pre­sen­ted in the exhibition

“Closed Reality — Embryo” in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka

An inte­rac­ti­ve game on the Internet in which players cre­ate embryos

You Betrayed The Party Just When You Should Have Helped It — second updated edition

The pro­jec­t’s publi­ca­ti­on and web site give an insig­ht into women’s suf­fe­ring in the Goli Archipelago

You Betrayed the Party Just When You Should Have Helped It*

Site-spe­ci­fic pro­ject abo­ut the women’s poli­ti­cal pri­son camp on Goli Otok and Sveti Grgur islands

EQUALS — for the acceptance of diversity

The EQUALS col­lec­ti­ve is direc­ting atten­ti­on to the pre­sen­ce of dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on in Croatian soci­ety, and raising awa­re­ness on the impor­tan­ce of accep­tan­ce of diversity

ART-ACT-BOX: Performativeness of the Exhibition

Exhibited at the 12th HT Award for Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb